iRefugee. The app for everyone. by Dr. med. Lemberger

Multilingual refugee-App for health & integration.

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The app for your medical data and emergency.

Emergency App with sms and gps position, digital and mobile health record auf with Cloud. Communication platform for doctors, data-safe for important documents, Translation in world languages. Supports the integration of refugees.


The user can store personal data, insurance data, next of kin, vaccination certificates, organ donor pass, allergy pass and lists of current medication. All of this can be extremely important in case of emergency and could even safe the users life.

In case of emergency patients are stressed and often forget important medical information like allergies and medication. If patients are injured, communication with doctors is impaired. This is life threatening. With the app all medical data always available.

The user can use hotbuttons to dial emergency services like paramedics, next-of- kin and can send an emergency text showing current GPS position. A SMS with current GPS position sent by the tomatomedical app can save lifes after outdoor sports accidents like rockclimbing, horseback riding, cycling, skiing (GPS- Signal is mandatory for this service), because helpers can localize the victim and can get access to personal emergency medical data.

tomatomedical can be a emergency call button for senior citizens or a personal Emergency Response System for mobile phones. A standard apple/ios or android phone or smartwatch is o.k. You don´t need special phones or additional devices for senior citizens or people with a handicap. Seniors can send an emergency SMS after a fall or in case of emergency at home or outside their homes or while travelling (GPS- Signal is mandatory for this service). Helpers can localize the victim and can get access to personal emergency medical data.


The app is designed for personal use. It can store all medical data including doctor’s notes, hospital reports and medical history.

An encrypted cloud is available to store high volume data, such as comprehensive health reports, X-rays and MRI scans. The user can also use the cloud to back-up the local app data of his mobile device. The user can organize and share all local data and all cloud data.

Data management with the app prevents a lot of expensive, potentially dangerous and useless prescriptions and examinations. The app will also make doctors happy because it saves a great deal of the doctor‘s time. It enables a doctor to go over medical history faster and enables all findings to be available. Waiting time in doctor‘s surgery and hospitals will decrease. When travelling worldwide, even in countries with completely different health systems, the user will have all his medical data available and can share that data with local doctors to enable the doctor to treat the patient quickly, accurately and efficiently.


An encrypted web based platform (SaaS: Software as a Service) connects patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and PTs etc. Comprehensive medical data such as patient’s CDs can be uploaded or downloaded by the patient at home or by the doctor in his office into or from the patient‘s cloud. Nobody needs to install software or hardware to use the platform.

Integration/Curriculum Vitae/Data safe

Education is essential for success. The user can store all information and all important papers in terms of school, college, university, training, job, skills and foreign languages. The App can generate a western standard curriculum vitae out of this data which can be used for applications immediately.

Multilingual Translations

The app can overcome language barriers in the medical field. A selection button within the App enables the user to translate data into 15 world languages within a second. The user can type in data using his original language and can export that into one of the 15 world languages.

Data Security

All app Data on the mobile device and in the cloud/back end are encrypted in the top of the line encryption standard AES-256. Data transfers use the SSL-protocol. All servers are based in Germany.


The app is available as a co-branding product. Contact:

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  • tomatomedical international UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
    Dr. med. Lemberger
    Schwarzhölzlstr. 1
    93474 Arrach
  • +499943943375
    (Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. − 5:00 p.m.)
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